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To stop the cycle of generational poverty, we must bridge the opportunity gap for middle-class jobs.

TechBridge focuses on workforce development to change the trajectory of those that are unemployed or underemployed. By equipping adults from disadvantaged households with technological, financial, and professional skills, we can help provide financial stability and a path to life-long success and self-sufficiency.

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The Technology Career Program™

TechBridge provides the skills and support needed to acquire and succeed in middle-class jobs through the Technology Career Program™ (TCP). This no-cost, part-time, 16-week program provides training for in-demand software skills to increase students’ employability.

During the first 3 years of the TCP, over 200 individuals have proven that it is possible to earn middle wages in a technology career without a 4-year degree.


A moment that stands out to me from the program was during the week of interviewing for the companies we would intern with for a year to gain our experience working with Salesforce. I had four interviews, Configero, NCR, Graphic Packaging, and Southern Company. This moment was big because I had to practice and prepare for the interviews, work at my job which was Wal-Mart at the time and prepare to take the Salesforce Certification Exam. I had three interviews in one day and had to take my exam between my second and third one. In the end, I got a great job and certified!

Lyric McGhee

Technology Career Program™ Graduate

Feels like I’m supposed to be here. My life went from late night studio sessions to late night study sessions… Having a success coach like Chris holding me accountable along the way makes it easier and gives me an example of how attainable the life I aspire to have is.

Khaliff Minor

Technology Career Program™ Graduate and Salesforce Administrator Certified
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