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TechBridge software solution for legal service organizations, offered in Salesforce.com platform

JusticeServer™ is a unique TechBridge solution that was developed in collaboration with legal service organizations (LSOs) to leverage the power of Salesforce.com to provide pro bono legal services to low income clients in need.

By leveraging the Salesforce.com platform, JusticeServer™ provides a modern, scalable, secure, browser-based, mobile solution.

JusticeServer™ enhances collaboration with LSOs in order to provide the best service possible to their clients.

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There are two components of JusticeServer™:

Exponent Case Management is next generation case management that allows TechBridge to leverage the expertise of Exponent Partners to provide nonprofits with the resources to transform your data systems and ability to share data with other nonprofits and community collaboratives. Built on the Salesforce platform, the application is a fully-featured, customizable solution with intake, assessment, service tracking, case records, outcomes reporting, referral tracking, and more.

Pro Bono Attorney Portal
This program enables attorneys to easily volunteer their time for pro bono cases from one or more legal services providers and allows them to connect with clients in need of their legal expertise where they can have the greatest impact. JusticeServer.org is a TechBridge solution that was developed in collaboration with the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation, the Legal Aid Justice Center and Central Virginia Legal Aid Society to leverage the latest technology to provide pro bono legal services to low income clients in need.


  • Client intake
  • Eligibility checks
  • Conflict checks
  • Poverty calculations
  • Household tracking
  • Case notes
  • Time tracking
  • Problem code support
  • Funding code support
  • Case outcome tracking
  • Referral tracking
  • Volunteer attorney portal
  • Stale case reminders
  • Clinic rescheduling
  • Pro bono coordinator support
  • Volunteer registration & approval
  • Central portal for case marketing
  • No TechBridge license fees

See how these nonprofits have utilized JusticeServer™ to amplify their good work.

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Eviction Defense Collaborative

User Study

For San Francisco’s Eviction Defense Collaborative, TechBridge configured JusticeServer to evaluate their citywide referral system by seeing how many cases each agency takes, how many tenants aren’t getting the services they need, or what kinds of clients, cases, or issues of each nonprofit in their ten-group collective.​

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Health Consumer Alliance

User Study

The Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) is a technology solution that unifies its ten, independent, local, nonprofit partners across the state of California to help connect its free legal services to all consumers in all languages, regardless of income level. HCA created several local JusticeServer instances, and cloud-based data warehouse permits local and statewide reporting.

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Pension Rights Center

User Study

TechBridge built a JusticeServer prototype to allow seven of the organizations that are a part of the Pension Rights Center to use the same set-up for case management while reducing the cost of separate system builds. One system ensured system integrity and ease of reporting. ​

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