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How can your organization utilize technology to work with TechBridge to break the cycle of generational poverty?

The DreamBig™ Grant was created to help nonprofits apply creative technology solutions to their organizations.

Technology has the potential to transform the operations of shelters, food pantries, workforce development programs, and more. Many nonprofits struggle with optimizing their client facing services due to a backlog of manual administrative work, but technology can expedite these processes.

The DreamBig™ Grant gives organizations the opportunity to leverage technology for simplified client onboarding, tracking client journeys and outcomes, donor management, and measuring missions impact. This grant is one of the few grant opportunities that focuses on nonprofits getting and using software technologies (plus IT hours) to help fulfill their missions.

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Upcoming Opportunities

DreamBig™ for Social Justice 2021

Applications Open: August 15, 2021

This DreamBig™ Technology Grant is open to social justice focused nonprofits with more than five full time employees.

Start thinking how data and technology can grow the impact of your social justice nonprofit. Our experienced TechBridge teams will evaluate your idea for estimate costs.

The DreamBigTechnology Grant winners will be announced during the annual National Social Justice Summit on November 4th, 2021. 

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