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TechBridge is a nonprofit focused on leveraging its businesses and technology expertise to drive community impact within individual nonprofits and communities. Data is essential to the work of coordinated care, yet even the most impactful nonprofits struggle to create timely, actionable data to achieve results to scale. A detailed data and technology assessment is critical to help your nonprofit assess where the organization is now, operationalize your strategic goals and determine how to best leverage technology to reach those goals. The Comprehensive Assessment reviews 15+ areas to understand your organization’s team, existing processes, technology and data.

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Technology and Data Strategy Roadmap

Creating a vision of the most effective technology

Assessing the needs

Prioritizing the needs

Generating recommendations

Using this insight, we create a roadmap that ties both data and IT plans to your organization’s overall strategic plan and serves as a litmus test for data and technology requests that come up during the year. The result is goals for your organization focused around:
Organizational Transformation

Improve outcomes through more streamlined and efficient operation, better data and analysis and greater strategic alignment

Empower Community Collaboratives

Define and implement community infrastructure to collect field-level data, coordinate services, aggregate data and share insights

Bridge Technology Sector Resources

Engage the technology, nonprofit and corporate sectors to drive community improvement

Fund Innovation

Leverage funding opportunities to drive community transformation

Transforming Nonprofits and Communities

What TechBridge Clients Say
Photograph showing smiling clients of the Future Foundation
Future Foundation logo

Future Foundation has partnered with TechBridge to transform both Future Foundation and the communities where Future Foundation serves. Future Foundation provides support to the underserved youth in Southwest Atlanta and focuses on relationships, health, life skills, academics, and family. TechBridge provided Future Foundation with a data and technology transformation roadmap to improve their operational readiness. Future Foundation wants to continue having its afterschool program participants achieve a 100% high school graduation rate.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity logo

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity engaged TechBridge to provide them with a detailed technology assessment to look at all their data systems and build a roadmap for a future state. Now TechBridge is building out a custom donor and volunteer management CRM that will give new insight into the people who care about the organization and will allow them to convert volunteers into donors and vice versa. This project will ultimately allow Habitat raise more money to build houses for people in need in Atlanta.

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