TechBridge TN’s Community Leader Participates in Collective Impact Learning Community

May 15, 2019


Samantha Sanchez, TechBridge TN’s Community Leader participated in Nashville’s Center for Nonprofit Management’s Collective Impact Learning Community. The group’s purpose was to make connections, explore alignment, discuss tough questions, and strengthen participants’ knowledge of the collective impact core competencies.

During this 5-month program, Samantha and fellow participants completed a series of full-day sessions designed around the core competencies of collective impact. Topics covered include: the structure and culture of collective impact, the equity imperative, adaptive leadership, data-driven decision-making, community engagement, and more. TechBridge believes collective impact can alleviate poverty in communities.

By bringing together cross-sector organizations focused on solving common community problems and improving community indicators, TechBridge helps drive and support coordination within the collaborative for efficiency of effort, positive outcomes and lasting community change. We offer strategies to nonprofits to help them prepare for collective action. Is your nonprofit ready, take our operational readiness survey. Interested in learning more? Download TechBridge’s Collective Action White Paper

To learn more about how TechBridge can accelerate the efforts of your TN based collaborative, contact Samantha Sanchez, TN Community Leader, at Do you do collective impact work outside of TN? Contact Karen Cramer, TechBridge’s Performance Measurement Lead for information at

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