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Closing the Technology Skills Gap

November 2, 2021

Vish Narendra, CIO of Graphic Packaging International, is no stranger to technology or its capabilities. Today, we will be discussing where he sees technology as the key to the future of doing good, what he enjoys most about being involved with TechBridge, and where he hopes to see TechBridge go.

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TechBridge’s History and Legacy

October 19, 2021

On today’s episode of TechBridge Talks, we will interview two co-founders of TechBridge – Scott Geller and Steve Linowes. We’ll hear about where the organization…

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Raising Up the Next Generation of Leaders in Tech

October 12, 2021

Workforce development is one of TechBridge’s four pillars, and one of the main ways we work in this area is through our Technology Career Program (TCP). On today’s episode, we get to talk with Joseph Perry, who was a part of the first class of TCP and now works at TechBridge, mentoring students.

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Corporate Community Impact

October 5, 2021

“Technology is at the epicenter of how communities look at possibilities… Under-served communities can look at technology as their means of escaping income inequality and stagnation.”

This episode outlines what it looks like for Randstad, TechBridge, and corporations on the whole to be corporately responsible and to work with every person in the community in mind, as well as technology’s role within that space.

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Why Social Justice Matters, and What We Are Doing

September 27, 2021

Social justice is a topic on all of our minds. Whether we are thinking about issues close to home or in other parts of the…

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Where We’re Going & Where We’re Growing

September 20, 2021

TechBridge has been around for more than 20 years now, and Clint Bailey has been a major part of the decision making and vision casting for TechBridge over the years. He has served on TechBridge’s Advisory Board for years and will now serve on our National Board as co-chair. Clint has had and will continue to have a huge impact on TechBridge, and we want to explore what forms that influence will take, where he hopes to see our organization go, and why he is still so deeply involved after over 15 years.

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TCP: What It Is and How It Changed My Life

August 31, 2021

TechBridge’s Technology Career Program (TCP) is one of our most successful and prolific programs. Vicarro Mills is one of our hundreds of graduates who have gotten their technology certifications through this program and have gone on to careers at some of the nation’s largest companies. Vicarro was hired on at TechBridge with TCP in November of 2020 as a Training Assistant and is now a Certified Training Specialist. Listen to Episode 6 as Vicarro discusses the value of TCP, his pathway to and through the program, and his favorite aspects of the program.

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Ending Homelessness and the Role Data Will Play

August 24, 2021

The issue of homeless may seem simple, but it’s not. And, though the solution to this issue is simple, providing housing, how we get there takes funding, collaboration, planning, and grit.

On today’s episode of TechBridge talks we discuss homelessness, funding, housing first, and the need for good data so that we can end the issue of homelessness. We also talk about how philosophies regarding homelessness and even how we talk about it, have changed over the years. And finally, we will explore how technology is helping to find shelter beds for those in need, and so much more, all through the collaborative use of real time data.

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TechBridge Talks Podcast with Marva Bailer

Data – The Game Changer

August 11, 2021

At TechBridge, we believe technology is a game changer. Marva Bailer thinks so too. Today on TechBridge Talks, we speak with Splunk Strategic Advisor and…

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TechBridge Talks Podcast with Kharee Smith

From Starbucks to Certified Technology Professional – A TCP Story

August 3, 2021

Today on TechBridge Talks we talk to Kharee Smith, Certified Trainer and Technology Career Program graduate. Before working at TechBridge, Kharee worked at Starbucks as…

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