Swimming in Spreadsheets: Volunteer Lawyers Foundation is Salesforce Savvy

Jun 10, 2021
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For the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, a new strategic plan focused on having a more meaningful impact in the community and improving the tracking of that impact to better tell the story of AVLF its purpose, its clients, and volunteers. This decision started a journey to leave the land of swimming in spreadsheets and look for a technology roadmap that would allow them to accurately track and report data focused on clients, volunteers, and impact.

Volunteer Lawyer Organizations handle a significant amount of data – donors, grants, cases, and volunteers. Before the strategic decision to focus on data and impact, the LSO was juggling spreadsheets and paper notations in its casework files. They needed a robust solution that would grow with the organization. TechBridge helped install a custom, Salesforce-based CRM system. Salesforce.org helps the nonprofit law firm improve efficiency in its work process with the integration of client/volunteer data and provided significantly improved accuracy in their data management and reporting capabilities. The project has transformed how this nonprofit law firm operates, including the hiring of a Salesforce administrator.

Since implementing the TechBridge solution, this Volunteer Lawyers Association is better able to track necessary information for its attorney and non-attorney volunteers, can easily update volunteer attorney assignments and case developments in real-time during its legal clinics. The technology solution has dramatically increased its efficiency in serving clients, including the ability to instantly view clients’ entire histories with AVLF. All of this combined enables the staff to give the highest level of customer service and respond to clients’ specific needs in real-time and improving its volunteer-to-client matches.

AVLF went from an organization with a very limited case management system to track clients and cases – plus the all-too-common myriad of word documents, excel spreadsheets, and even hand-written notes – to an organization that uses Salesforce and its mapping application for nearly every aspect of our work, from tracking the location of our cases, to detailed grant management and donor relations, and even supervisor approval of expenses. And that transformation has inspired more innovation as we are now moving to more teleworking and cloud-based offices for our increasingly mobile operations. In short, AVLF is unrecognizable – in a good way – from where we were before we started working with TechBridge.

– Michael Lucas,
Deputy Director,
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation


The solution included MapAnything technology, which can efficiently upload, integrate, and share location-specific data. They can monitor and report on the school system, poverty, public health, and other demographic data and see the information overlaid on a neighborhood map. The MapAnything technology has been instrumental in its program, Standing with Our Neighbors, where it places lawyers and community advocates in under-performing schools to locate and assist with the intersection of housing, education, and health. This program partners with schools and other community partners to focus volunteer resources on improving living conditions and housing stability in low-income neighborhoods – all to improve resident health, reduce school enrollment turnover, and enhance student attendance and performance. The program has grown from one to nine schools. The combination of MapAnything with the technology build-out by AVLF, including Salesforce.org, has allowed them to access, organize and create data-driven reports to show current and potential donors better how the work they’re doing is making a difference in specific communities.

The data now tells a very compelling story. In 2018, AVLF volunteer attorneys donated over 13,400 hours with a value of their services over $3,495,500. Their volunteers saved hundreds of clients from eviction, helped survivors get the family law help they need, and helped families get back on their feet into safety and stability. Also, robust reporting has allowed the LSO to increase its foundation funding significantly. The reports allow them to focus on the specific impact of each grant down to hyper-local areas and showcase those results in real-time.

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Preparing Legal Services Organizations to Harness Technology through Tech Assessments

Enhancing Collaboration through Technology

Transitioning to
Office 365

Wednesday, January 15
10:30am – 11:45am


  • LARRY CLARK – CIO in Residence, TechBridge
  • JON MILLER – Director of Technology, Legal Assistance of Western New York
  • JOSEPH MELO – Director of Engineering, Just-Tech
  • GUY LESCAULT – Executive Director, Legal Services Alabama

Thursday, January 16
8:45am – 10:00am


  • BRYAN BABCOCK, Data Analyst, TechBridge
  • JACK DAILEY – Dir. of Policy and Training/HCA Coordinator, Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.
  • SAMANTHA SANCHEZ – Legal Technology Leader, TechBridge
  • RACHEL STOBER – Senior Tenant Right to Counsel Coordinator, The Eviction Defense Collaboration

Thursday, January 16
10:30am – 11:45am


  • PAUL SWINEY – Deputy Director of Operations, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands
  • JOHN HARVEY – Senior Solutions Architect, TechBridge
  • CHRISTOPHER JONES – IT Director, Legal Services Alabama

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