Share Your IT Career Experience as a Success Coach

Be Instrumental: Mentor Someone to a New Trajectory

You can become a High School Grad’s mentor and help her/him work through TechBridge/Goodwill of North Georgia IT training program and navigate entry into the IT work environment. The Technology Career Program is transformational for the lives of its graduates, their families and their communities. Our TechBridge partner, Goodwill Careers, is an experienced coordinator in attracting, training and placing people in credentialed jobs. TechBridge coordinated with IT business leaders to assemble curricula that would produce entry-level IT talent that Georgia’s business community will want to snap up as new employees. Over 16 weeks and with a coach working in the IT sector, students crush learning modules in front-end web development, version control, programming languages, environment administration and service ticketing solutions (Salesforce, SCRUM, ServiceNow) that give TechBridge graduates a leg up in a technology job market demanding equipped candidates.

Mentoring a student is a 16-month commitment. Training is four months, and you are expected to continue as their mentor for the first 12 months on the job. Your knowledge about workplace norms, how meetings are conducted, how projects are run, how to seek assistance prove invaluable. Success Coach Chris Hirst of AgileThought found his mentoring experience to be very positive and wanted potential employers to know is that these students work really hard. Serving as a success coach may mean touching base via text and through frequent conversation. Chris suggested, “A success coach needs to be present, be available and sometimes push the envelope of what’s requested. It’s not a twice a month thing, whenever you get a chance just pick up the phone.”

Chris Hirst’s mentee, program graduate Jessie Roper, said, “My success coach has put me in the right mindset to attain my goals in the tech world. A potential student needs to know you need to be open to getting out of your comfort zone. The advice I’d give to anybody about the TCP program is, “stick it out.” Four months is a lot longer than you think and when you have your regular life going on at the same time, it’s hard to juggle all those things all at once, but if you stick with it, you can overcome it.”


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