Samantha Oltean: Volunteer, Relationship Builder & Career Philanthropist

Jul 17, 2017


Today we’re featuring another of our favorite supporters, Samantha Oltean. Samantha’s story of volunteering echoes a common theme we’ve seen in our #BetterTogether posts about the wonderful places relationships can take you and about the unexpected impact even simple acts of service can have on our communities.

Samantha is clearly setting a great example for her daughter, Lindsey, who requests for her birthdays that friends & family provide donations en lieu of presents to FurKids Atlanta.

Born and raised in England, Samantha and her family made the move to Georgia in 1998 when her father began working for an American company. Although they had originally planned to stay for three years, Samantha and her family have now been living here almost twenty. After attending Georgia Perimeter College, Samantha worked as a personal trainer and fitness consultant for several years. At the beginning of the recession, business dropped, and she knew she would need to make a move towards a different field.

Through some close contacts, Samantha was introduced to Scintel Technologies and joined their team as a Marketing Coordinator. During her time with Scintel, Samantha was promoted to Account Executive, and she led the successful implementation of a staffing arm for the company. Since then, Samantha has held both Account Director and Project Manager roles for staffing organizations and a digital marketing agency here in Atlanta.

A self-professed career philanthropist, Samantha volunteers alongside her best friend, Alana Gordy, as a rock star Volunteer Committee Co-Chair for the TechBridge Digital Event Series. Samantha was introduced to TechBridge three years ago and loves that TechBridge supports all the causes that are so important to her. “I love being a part of an organization that is truly making a difference,” she says, “and I also love helping others get involved with TechBridge. I get asked all the time, ‘How can I get involved?’ or ‘Can I volunteer?’. It’s really refreshing to know that we have a technology community that wants to make a difference in our world.”

In addition to volunteering with TechBridge, Samantha has held multiple committee positions with Women in Technology (WIT). She currently sits as the Program Director and Event Chair for the WIT Women of the Year Awards, an annual event that celebrates our female technology movers, shakers, and disruptors here in Georgia. “WIT is an organization very close to my heart,” Samantha says, “with so many young girls interested and excited about technology today, I believe it is very important that there are strong programs that support these interests and help keep that excitement alive as they move though high school, college, and into their careers.”

We asked Samantha how she does so much given her already busy schedule. She admits to some late nights and very long weekends, but she feels that if giving her time is all it takes to make a big difference in the organizations she supports, then that is what she will give. “If putting in a few hours each day results in a young lady receiving a scholarship to pursue the field of her dreams — who knows what can come of that? Maybe she’ll become a doctor and cure cancer, or maybe she’ll invent new medical technologies, or use technology to save our environment — the possibilities are endless, and all I did to help was give a couple of extra hours of my day.” She continues, “I truly owe a great deal of thanks to my husband, Cosmin, for supporting me. Without his help, I wouldn’t have the bandwidth to be as involved as I am, and I couldn’t do any of it without knowing he was behind me.”

We are so grateful for the hard work Sam Oltean puts in on behalf of TechBridge. Visit our website to see how you, too, can join our amazing community of volunteers and supporters.

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