TechBridge Talks is a podcast about using technology to end generational poverty. It's the story of the organizations and people in this fight.

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Advocacy and Impact

Scott Mcglaun has led BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) as their CIO for years, and he continues to utilize his expertise, wisdom, and skill to better TechBridge as an integral part of our board. This week, we'll discuss advocacy and impact with this longtime supporter of our mission!
What if there was an organization dedicated to ending poverty? Now, imagine if that organization wasn't focused on just the people affected by poverty, but focused on expanding the reach of all organizations dealing with poverty.
Imagine an organization focused on assisting all nonprofits dealing with poverty, helping them to grow and scale faster than they ever thought possible through technology. If all those nonprofits grow at once, imagine the increase in impact!
This is what we do. We focus on helping nonprofits dealing with poverty in the areas of hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, and workforce development. Through the use of technology, we help them scale and grow faster than ever before, increasing their impact, and bringing us closer to our mission of ending generational poverty.
Imagine what it would be like to be a part of a community dedicated to this cause.
Now, you can be.

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