Donors and Board members want to support nonprofits that succeed. They don’t just want to hear about your nonprofit’s impact, they want you to prove it. In order to do that, you need data…

Our Performance Measurement services enable nonprofits like yours to improve data collection processes and demonstrate the difference your mission is making in the lives of those you serve.

  • We will look at your nonprofit’s mission and goals and use our expertise to bring into focus a clear picture of how your organization does its work.
  • We’ll help you figure out what client and agency data to look at in order to evaluate how effectively your organization is meeting the needs of those you serve.
  • We will help you put into place an efficient system for collecting and organizing that data.

Ultimately, we will deliver a roadmap that provides project priorities, timelines and high-level budgets for the next two to three years that will help you take your nonprofit to the next level.

TechBridge’s Performance Measurement team has developed the TechBridge Practical Guide to Developing a Nonprofit Data Strategy. Our hope in developing this document is to equip our nonprofit partners with an overview of the process and key deliverables necessary to not only define key outcome metrics, but operationalize those metrics into their organization’s day-to-day business.

Projects can include:

  • Theory of Change: Link your organization with the community needs and issues your services are addressing.
  • Logic Models: Identify and define your agency’s key performance indicators.
  • Benchmarking Templates: Track your progress on your organization’s key performance metrics.
  • Data Collection and Data Analytics: Improve your data collection process using new or pre-existing technology.
  • Quarterly Scorecards: Share key performance indicators with stakeholders.
  • Annual Impact Reports: Communicate client, agency and community impact.

To help our nonprofit partners better understand the elements critical to defining and implementing a successful data strategy, TechBridge developed the Practical Guide to Defining and Implementing a Nonprofit Data Strategy:


What TechBridge Clients Say


The Ben Massell Dental Clinic, which operates under Jewish Family & Career Services, is the only clinic in Atlanta that provides no-cost comprehensive, quality dentistry to metro Atlantans who can’t afford care. BMDC’s mission goes way beyond providing dental care. It focuses on the whole person. In addition to dentists, BDMC has social workers on staff and coordinates with other health care organizations like Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation (vision care) and Mercy Care Services (health care) to get clients the help they need even when it falls outside the scope of dentistry. Because Ben Massell Clinic seeks to improve people's’ lives across the board, they want to be able to measure their success in a way that goes beyond number of root canals performed. In short, they need a way to put together data from hundreds of thousands of clients across time to create a more comprehensive image of the impact they’re having on clients’ lives.

“TechBridge did a tremendous job bringing real-world nonprofit experience to help make our vision a reality.”

- Keith Kirshner

TechBridge helped BMDC to track and measure patient outcomes such as improved oral health, improved pronunciation, improved comfort while eating, and alleviated pain. BMDC will then use the patient data to develop a framework that measures the effectiveness of their programs.


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