Nonprofits Unify To Connect Legal Services

Jun 10, 2021
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The Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) is a technology solution that unifies its ten, independent, local, nonprofit partners across the state of California to help connect its free legal services to all consumers in all languages, regardless of income level. HCA was operating with a home-grown solution that created a data integrity problem with collecting and reporting. With ten organizations collecting various pieces of information, data reporting was constant, manual and often unreliable as individual organizations made local changes to reporting fields. Working with the TechBridge team, HCA leveraged JusticeServer, a case management and volunteer attorney portal solution designed and used by legal services organizations, to customize a platform that provided them with an improved user interface, easy and efficient data entry and enhanced data integrity. JusticeServer also allows them to customize reporting statewide, regionally and locally.


One of our challenges is the need to collect data on multiple object levels. We need to be able to see this collectively, as well as individually. The JusticeServer team has been very creative in solving this data challenge that other platforms were unable to solve. To be able to see the data at this problem level opens up the opportunity to see a much more accurate picture of the healthcare challenges.

– Jack Dailey,
Health Consumer Alliance Coordinator,
Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.



In collaboration with the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation, the Legal Aid Justice Center and Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, TechBridge built JusticeServer on the platform to leverage the latest technology to provide pro bono legal services to low-income clients in need. JusticeServer has been chosen by legal nonprofits nationwide and provides NPOs like the Bay Area Legal Aid, the Eviction Defense Collaborative, Legal Aid at Work, Volunteer Legal Services Project, the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network, Mosaic Georgia and many others with modern, efficient and cost-effective legal service management.

HCA with Legal Aid Society of San Diego

HCA direct service partners include:

  • Bay Area Legal Aid
  • California Rural Legal Assistance
  • Central California Legal Services
  • Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance
  • Inland Counties Legal Assistance
  • Legal Aid Society of Orange County
  • Legal Aid Society of San Diego
  • Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County
  • Legal Services of Northern California
  • Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County

Learn More About Technology, Innovation and Collaboration  at the ITC2020 Conference

Legal Services Thought Leaders Connect at ITC2020 to Promote Access to Justice & Legal Representation for Low-Income People

The ITC2020 Conference brings LSOs together from across the nation to share the power of technology in addressing the difference between the civil legal needs of low-income Americans and the resources available to meet those needs.

Preparing Legal Services Organizations to Harness Technology through Tech Assessments

Enhancing Collaboration through Technology

Transitioning to
Office 365

Wednesday, January 15
10:30am – 11:45am


  • LARRY CLARK – CIO in Residence, TechBridge
  • JON MILLER – Director of Technology, Legal Assistance of Western New York
  • JOSEPH MELO – Director of Engineering, Just-Tech
  • GUY LESCAULT – Executive Director, Legal Services Alabama

Thursday, January 16
8:45am – 10:00am


  • BRYAN BABCOCK – Data Analyst, TechBridge
  • JACK DAILEY – Dir. of Policy and Training/HCA Coordinator, Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.
  • SAMANTHA SANCHEZ – Legal Technology Leader, TechBridge
  • RACHEL STOBER – Senior Tenant Right to Counsel Coordinator, The Eviction Defense Collaboration

Thursday, January 16
10:30am – 11:45am


  • PAUL SWINEY – Deputy Director of Operations, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands
  • JOHN HARVEY – Senior Solutions Architect, TechBridge
  • CHRISTOPHER JONES – IT Director, Legal Services Alabama

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