Nonprofit Spotlight: STE(A)M Truck

Oct 28, 2019
Success Coach Chris Hirst AgileThought


IT Executives Get Update on STEM/STEAM Rolling Into Atlanta’s Low-Income Communities

Recently a number of Georgia TechBridge Executive Ambassadors gathered to hear more from nonprofit executive director, Jason Martin, about STE(A)M Truck, a nonprofit organization making a big difference for preK-12 learning by literally putting Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art) and Mathematics ON WHEELS to help outreach and impact in low-income communities. 

 Access to hands-on building, tinkering, and project-based learning can in turn increase access to STEAM/STEM careers and build the skills critical for long-term success. STE(A)M Truck’s 20-day program delivered via a mobile platform is designed to introduce the tools, expertise, and time needed for this results-producing learning often unavailable in public schools, and especially those serving low-income neighborhoods and school districts. Since 2013, STE(A)M Truck has partnered with over 80 organizations and 1,300 educators to serve over 17,000 students in metro Atlanta.

The primary offering of Community Guilds, STE(A)M Truck is expressly designed to help Atlanta eliminate inequities and barriers to access that provide the first steps and a pathway to understanding Information Technology. TechBridge supporters like the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, PwC, and the United Way have helped to bring this transformative approach to traditional teaching/mentoring and foster creativity and innovative thinking. Established Georgia nonprofits like TechBridge client-nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters have been able to integrate STE(A)M Truck into their existing program structures. 

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