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March 24, 2022

Hybrid Event [Virtual + In-Person]

registration closes on March 11

Bringing together thought leaders in the social justice space

TechBridge invites scholars, industry experts, IT professionals, and others to discuss innovation, technology, and critical topics in social justice.

National Social Justice Summit Logo

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Who is TechBridge?

TechBridge is an innovative nonprofit organization with a mission of breaking the cycle of generational poverty through the innovative use of technology.

We bring creative technology solutions from our robust IT business sector to the vast ecosystem of nonprofit organizations

TechBridge is focused on supporting nonprofits nationally through hands-on change management in four pillars: Social Justice, Hunger ReliefHomeless Support, and Workforce Development. 

Our Social Justice pillar is focused on striving for an equitable society by partnering with justice-focused organizations to develop, streamline and amplify their impact using technology. 

Why Social Justice?

TechBridge focuses on Social Justice because a fair and just society is essential to poverty alleviation.

TechBridge contributes to ending generational poverty by providing technology products and services to organizations that promote social justice efforts; exhibit the characteristics of social justice values and deliver services to those impacted by barriers to achieving social justice. 

TechBridge seeks to collaborate with thought leaders in the field of social justice and share our technology and data expertise. TechBridge will host its first ever National Social Justice Summit March 24th, 2022: Building a Just Community: Social Justice is Everyone's Responsibility.  

At this inaugural event, Social Justice nonprofits as well as corporations will come together to discuss how data and technology can support efforts to create a just society. Panelists and participants will discuss policy and program strategies, share important research findings, and engage in building dynamic new networks and collaborative partnerships. Join us by registering below!  

Jacari Harris

Our Keynote Speaker

Jacari Harris (TX)

Executive Director at George Floyd Memorial Foundation, Inc. Author of Lost and Found. Speaker

Jacari Harris is a native of Tallahassee Florida and the current Executive Director of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation. Jacari is a social justice activist, inspirational speaker, and the author of “Lost and Found: Finding Success in The Search for Self”. Jacari earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bethune Cookman University. He went on to receive his MBA and Master of Arts in Emergency Management from Florida International University. Jacari was also an intern for former California Senator, now U.S. Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. ​

Jacari’s diligent efforts have led him to receive numerous awards including BCU’s 40 Under 40 Award and The United Negro College Fund College President of the year award. He has been able to study abroad in Senegal, West Africa and study community policing and criminal justice reform. In his spare time, Jacari advocates for foster and adoptive children. Having grown up in the foster care system and being adopted, Jacari brings messages of inspiration and encouragement to many young children.



We invite you to dream big

Social Justice focused nonprofits are encouraged to apply for TechBridge's Dream Big for Social Justice. Applications close February 25th, 2022.

Start thinking how data and technology can grow the impact of your social justice nonprofit.

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