Leverage Data for Greater Impact

TechBridge is a nonprofit focused on leveraging its business and technology expertise to drive community impact within individual nonprofits and communities. JusticeServer is a unique TechBridge solution built on the platform for pro bono attorneys and a case management solution for Legal Services Organizations (LSOs).

JusticeServer was developed in collaboration with LSOs to leverage the power of to provide pro bono legal services to low income clients in need. By leveraging the platform, JusticeServer provides a modern, scalable, secure, browser-based, mobile solution. JusticeServer continues to be enhanced in collaboration with LSOs in order to provide the best service possible to their clients.


  • Client Intake
  • Eligibility Checks
  • Conflict Checks
  • Poverty Calculations
  • Household Tracking
  • Case Notes
  • Time Tracking
  • Problem Code Support
  • Funding Code Support
  • Important Dates & Tasks
  • Case Outcome Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
  • Volunteer Attorney Portal
  • Stale Case Reminders
  • Clinic Scheduling
  • Pro Bono Coordinator Support
  • Volunteer Registration & Approval
  • Central Portal for Case Marketing
  • No TechBridge License Fees

Donor, Grant and Volunteer Management via the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Let us help you reduce your data silos!

Some of our clients include:

Built on a Platform to Grow and Expand Over Time

Experiencing any of These Case Management Challenges?

Many case management systems are built on outdated technology platforms that limit their functionality and customization including:

  • Difficulty with producing standard reports as well as ad-hoc reports
  • In-house technical expertise needed for support and maintenance of solutions
  • Older solutions built on outdated technology platforms
  • Limited or no ability to customize
  • Rigid feature set from proprietary black-box software
  • Expensive, on-going support requirements
  • Lack of integration to external systems
  • Inability to easily incorporate changes required by funders
  • Limited automation, resulting in reliance on manual manipulation of data

Developed with the legal community, JusticeServer leverages the power of the Salesforce cloud to provide pro bono legal services to low income clients in need and resolve many of these challenges.

Platform benefits to Maximize your Data

  • Functionality designed by legal services organizations
  • Facilitates adherence to Legal Services Corporation (LSC) standards and practices
  • Customize your solution to meet your processes and workflows
  • Easy reporting with a drag and drop field-level interface, extended analytics and dashboards
  • Deep security down to the field level
  • AppExchange, the Salesforce Store that allows your organization to extend your case management platform
  • Built to include the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to also track donors, grants, campaigns and other volunteers

The TechBridge Sustainability Model

TechBridge’s ongoing collaboration with the legal community in the development and ongoing refinement of JusticeServer is an example of its Sustainability Model in action. TechBridge is a nonprofit and when we price services, we’re not motivated by profit. Instead, we seek to ensure that we can deliver services of exceptional quality and to cover our costs.

Our Sustainability Model includes three steps:

1. Build a solution with innovative nonprofits
2. Make it widely available to nonprofits
3. Leverage projects and support to recoup costs

Our sustainability model enables us to provide technology solutions that build the capacity of nonprofits to achieve better results and to form community-based collaboratives that drive measurable and sustainable change.

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