How can you prove your nonprofit is making an impact?

Impact is not intent, it is the real-world difference your nonprofit makes, the results that flow from the work you do. Increasingly nonprofits, grantmakers, and government partners, are focusing on impact rather than outputs for several reasons: to report to stakeholders, make allocation decisions or to revise current programs and strategies and more.

However, despite widespread awareness, most nonprofits do not have the necessary resources of funds and time required to perform impact evaluation consistently. In 2016, only 12% of nonprofit organizations allocated evaluation to their annual budgets; and of them, less than one-third have performed impact evaluation in the previous year.

Measuring your nonprofit’s impact may not be as arduous as you expect. The metrics most important to identify, understand, and communicate are those which are useful and actionable.

TechBridge is a nonprofit whose Impact and Performance Measurement Group helps implement powerful data strategies for nonprofits big and small. Join TechBridge Impact Leader, Karen Cramer and Nonprofit Operations Consultant, Sean Williams this week at NTC for a special session, “Practical Program Evaluation.”  Follow along on social media using these hashtags: #18NTCevaluation #18NTC.

Learn more about data strategy, and schedule a quick call with the presenters.

Simone Price is TechBridge’s Nonprofit Advisor. 

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