Gideon’s Promise Wins The 2017 Technology Innovation Award

May 12, 2017


We are happy to announce that Gideon’s Promise is the winner of the 2017 Technology Innovation Award given by Accenture. Gideon’s Promise was chosen by a panel of Atlanta’s leading technology professionals to receive more than $30,000 in TechBridge services, software and cash to implement its technology vision.

Gideon’s Promise is on a mission to transform the criminal justice system by creating a movement of public defenders providing equal justice for marginalized communities. A values-based approach will allow Gideon’s Promise to transform the culture of indigent defense by helping public defenders provide better representation to the poor.

To that aim, Gideon’s Promise is creating and implementing the Defender Value Spectrum, which will measure public defender attitudes towards their clients and the impact those attitudes have on effective representation. The data they collect will allow them to quantify the values most important to clients during their legal representation and arm Gideon’s Promise with the ability to improve its services to our public defenders. To put the Defender Value Spectrum into action they need a relational database with remote access so they can collect, analyze and report the data they hope to measure.

Implementing a cloud-based database with the power to fully manage the Defender Value Spectrum in a meaningful way will save Gideon’s Promise $45,000 annually in personnel costs alone. Currently the organization collects all data manually — a task two staff members spend 20% to 25% off their work hours performing. Once the system is in place, Gideon’s Promise will reduce time spent generating reports by 20%, time spent emailing and on follow-up calls by 80%, and time spent collecting data manually by 100%.

Most criminal justice reform focuses on policy and process solutions rather than on the values that underpin the implementation of practices. Measuring the values of public defenders and gathering data from their clients to improve practice is groundbreaking work.

The new database will help Gideon’s Promise realign their work and put them on a path of achieving their vision of giving every person in America equal access to justice by having every public defender office in the country being Gideon’s Promise certified in the next 20 years. TechBridge is excited to work with Gideon’s Promise and to see their vision become a reality.

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