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TechBridge relies on the generosity of our corporate partners, foundations and volunteers to achieve our mission. TechBridge provides technology and data strategy solutions that build capacity of nonprofits to yield better results and to form community-based collaboration that drives measurable and sustainable change.

Through TechBuild, our skilled volunteer program, we engage corporate partners with initiatives that align with their technology skill sets and allow us to leverage technology to improve nonprofit mission delivery. TechBuild brings together two or more employees to drive community impact in a variety of ways.


Technology Career Program


Goodwill of North Georgia and TechBridge joined forces with leading technology companies to offer FREE training in high-demand, high-growth skills in metro Atlanta. Engagement opportunities include success coach (peer-to-future peer mentoring), guest presenters on team projects and workplace norms, field trip to corporate environments, technology career resume writing and interview preparation and pre-screen applicants as admission interviewer.



Nonprofits are challenged to keep their focus and much of their budget on mission-critical initiatives. TechBridge’ s Adopt-a-Nonprofit program helps bridge that gap between nonprofit budget limitations and their needed Information Technology solutions. By contributing funding and IT-skilled volunteers (optional), this program helps a nonprofit increase their impact in the community by leveraging technology to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness and reduce costs.

Corporate Collaborative


Once per year, TechBridge orchestrates a multi-company skilled volunteer project. Corporations can come together to drive community impact while forming new relationships with other technology professionals. Groups of 2-6 corporations participate in this collaborative and use innovative leading technologies to address a specific problem.

Impact in a Day


A single day-long event where a business comes in and performs capacity-building consulting to transform a nonprofit a corporation, or in some cases, an entire mission.

Example: Helping youth activities nonprofits build/uplift lower-performing chapters with a proprietary “clubs helping clubs guide” designed by a corporate management team.

While the immediate post-event results are always strong in measuring volunteer engagement and nonprofit satisfaction, this impact tracks long-term results.

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TechBridge provides best-in-class technology services to nonprofits at a reduced rate through the generous support of our corporate sponsors. TechBridge provides opportunities to engage nationally as well as in each of our communities: Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Our Digital Events Series provide a high-profile way to announce grants, celebrate impact, and recognize community supporters. Join top technology and business leaders to network, collaborate and share a common desire to stretch their community investment dollars.

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Corporate Impact Evaluation


Measure the impact of your current community investments with a professional
Impact Evaluation from the TechBridge Performance Measurement group.

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For more information on engaging with TechBridge and our TechBuild program contact:

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