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TechBridge is a nonprofit focused on leveraging its business and technology expertise to drive community impact within individual nonprofits and communities. Exponent Partners and TechBridge have launched an official partnership which allows TechBridge to implement the Exponent Case Management (ECM) app for nonprofit clients.

Founded in 2005, Exponent Partners has helped hundreds of nonprofits leverage the Salesforce platform for good. Similar to TechBridge, Exponent Partners is dedicated to advancing nonprofits for great social impact. As the first official implementation partner of Exponent Case Management, TechBridge clients have access to the leading program management app built on the Salesforce platform.


What TechBridge Clients Say


Rainbow Village, a nonprofit transitional housing program for families in Duluth, Georgia wanted to prove that its model for moving homeless families out of crisis was highly successful and repeatable –and that its investment in IT systems was paying off in many ways. Working with TechBridge, they were able to demonstrate how the technology investment provided key performance measures, improved fundraising performance, implemented its strategic plan and captured other measures that saved enormous amounts of time, effort and energy, so Rainbow Village case managers could spend more time interfacing with clients. With the upcoming implementation of Exponent Case Management, Rainbow Village estimates a savings of $18,900 per year through reduced manual administration time required to generate the client metrics used in its decision making.

Data Drives Results

Exponent Case Management is next generation case management that allows TechBridge to leverage the expertise of Exponent Partners to provide nonprofits with the resources to transform your data systems and ability to share data with other nonprofits and community collaboratives.


Built on the Salesforce platform, the application is a fully-featured, customizable solution with intake, assessment, service tracking, case records, outcomes reporting, referral tracking, and more.

ECM integrates with the Nonprofit Success Pack and allows nonprofits to manage fundraising data and program data in the same system and to get a two-for-one deal out of their Salesforce licenses (program management and fundraising).  This allows you to directly connect your program data to your impact and report meaningful outcomes to your funders and board leadership –key audiences in supporting NPO missions.

Manage Client
Outcomes Over Time

Identify outcomes and set goals for clients as part of service plans. Use assessments and indicators to understand client progress and take action.

Maximize Your
Nonprofit Resources

Leverage Salesforce’s donated licensing and save money on implementing instead of having to do a fully customized solution.

Track Data on Any
and All Programs

Powerful workflow helps your case managers spend less time on paperwork, while still collecting the data you need on any type of program.

Your Performance

Manage metrics across your organization, tailored to each program. View client summaries on case management, and monitor data in dashboards.

Exponent Case Management Key Features

High-level client and case records across the organization and linked to avoid duplication

Tailored intake forms that help you capture data both on client and case record

Automatically tracks baseline, intermediate and latest assessments so you can see changes over time

Track units of service, type of service, case notes, and any other information you want to associate with a service

Record, track and interact with internal or external referrals


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