National Hunger Relief Summit

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    National Hunger Relief Summit

    Date TBD

    “We Are Ending Hunger Together”

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    As a part of the launch of our four national summits,* each with one of our four pillars as the focus, our inaugural National Hunger Relief Summit (NHRS) will be on . The Summit’s goal is to educate hunger-relief-focused nonprofits on platforms, technical solutions, and tools to improve and increase their impact.

    The Dream Big for Hunger Relief Technology Grant winner will be announced at this event.

    Sound like something you’re interested in? We’ll have registration opening up on , so don’t miss out! In the meantime, learn more about the Dream Big for Hunger Relief Grant or read the NHRS FAQ.

    *Each summit will focus on one of our Four Pillars.

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    Poverty and hunger are intimately connected. Even with the United States' vast access to wealth, far too many families don't have enough food to eat. Nonprofits have worked valiantly during the pandemic to feed the hungry but there is much more to be done. Technology has the power to transform the food system — to provide food security and healthy options to all.

    Karen Cramer, TechBridge Chief Community Impact Officer

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    Summit Highlights

    Celebrating Our differences

    We strive for a diverse audience of hunger relief advocates and food, nutrition, and health industry professionals to be a part of the conversation.

    Live Program

    Our Summit will be experience-based and in-person in Atlanta, Georgia.


    We’re prioritizing time to network during lunch and scheduled breaks with like-minded nonprofits and sponsors.


    During our experiential sessions, thought leaders will discuss best practices, contribute to ending food waste, and understand the impact of data and technology on providing hunger relief.

    Giving Back

    Our Dream Big for Hunger Relief Grant is an exciting opportunity for hunger relief nonprofits focused on growth in technology.

    Every Ticket Includes


    Continental breakfast at Monday Night Brewing.

    Charter Bus Transport

    Includes transportation to & from the main venue & local farms, food rescue organizations, & a local food bank.


    Lunch at Monday Night Brewing.

    Happy Hour

    Networking, socializing, drinks, & hors d’oeuvres at Monday Night Brewing.


    East Texas Food Bank

    TechBridge specializes in providing technology assessments for food banks and partner agencies. Recently, TechBridge provided a technology assessment and roadmap for the East Texas Food Bank (ETFB). The ETFB and its over 200 partner agencies and food programs feed children, the working poor, and seniors throughout 26 counties. ETFB is a member of the Feeding America network and is pre-staged with food products to respond to natural disasters when they occur in the Gulf Coast Region. TechBridge provided an assessment of ETFB’s current technology and IT infrastructure. We analyzed ETFB’s business applications and interviewed key staff about organizational strategic goals. TechBridge provided a technology roadmap to help ETFB effectively leverage technology to achieve its mission in accordance with its strategic goals.

    Hunger Relief: Agency Express 4 with Feeding America

    TechBridge and Feeding America are working together on building and implementing Agency Express 4.0. Agency Express is a web-based shopping tool enabling member food banks to list their inventories online, making food ordering simple and efficient. This tool equips partner agencies to order directly from their food bank’s online inventory.

    70 Feeding America food banks are currently utilizing Agency Express 3.0. With Agency Express 4.0, all 200 food banks in Feeding America’s network will be eligible to utilize Agency Express. As a result, 60,000 Feeding America partner agencies will be able to order food for hungry families in their communities. As of this writing, Agency Express has helped provide 3 billion pounds of food to hungry families.

    Virtual Food Drive

    TechBridge’s Virtual Food Drive is a fast, easy, and fun way for nonprofits to raise funds online. Donations can be expressed in terms of dollar increments or dollar equivalents for food. This tool educates donors to nonprofits on the additional buying power their cash donations can make. TechBridge’s Virtual Food Drive has recently been used by the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, the St. Louis Area Food Bank, Second Harvest of Northeast Tennessee, the San Antonio Food Bank, Feeding Westchester, the Westside Food Bank, Harvest Hope, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, and the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is TechBridge?

    TechBridge is an innovative nonprofit organization with a mission of breaking the cycle of generational poverty through the innovative use of technology. We bring creative technology solutions from our robust IT business sector to the vast ecosystem of nonprofit organizations.

    TechBridge is focused on supporting nonprofits nationally through hands-on change management in four pillars:

    • Hunger relief
    • Social justice
    • Homeless support
    • Workforce development

    In our hunger relief pillar, our SCM4Hunger platform fuels Feeding America and its network of 200 food banks and 60,000 partner agencies.

    TechBridge has expertise providing technology planning for food banks and partner agencies. TechBridge specializes in technology assessments and roadmaps for hunger relief organizations.

    Our Virtual Food Drive platform can be implemented free of charge to any hunger relief organization.

    Who’s Invited?

    Attendees will collaborate on their organization’s hunger relief efforts through a lens of how technology and data can empower their work. We are thrilled to assemble a team of top-notch professionals for this event, which is themed We Are Ending Hunger Together.

    If your organization works in these areas, we want to see you at this year’s summit!

    • Hunger relief advocates
    • Food, nutrition, and health industry
    • Corporate Social Responsibility staff​
    Where can I register for the NHRS 2022?

    Registration is scheduled to open . When registration opens, you can register for and learn more about the National Hunger Relief Summit here.

    Are tickets tax-deductible?

    No, the National Hunger Relief Summit tickets are not tax-deductible.

    Can I purchase my ticket onsite the day of the event?

    Due to limited space, our in-person ticket registration must be purchased in advance. Registration will close at .

    We encourage you to purchase your tickets while supplies last.

    I did not receive a receipt when I purchased my ticket. How do I get a copy for my records?

    Original receipts are emailed to the address provided during registration check out. If you’ve not received a confirmation/receipt via email, first check your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, please email us.

    We’ll do our best to provide a receipt within two business days.

    Are tickets transferable?

    In order to accurately manage our registration, transfers between parties will be handled case-by-case. To transfer tickets to a colleague, please email our summit team.

    I have a special accommodation request. Who should I contact?

    All physical accommodation and dietary requests can be shared when registering for the National Hunger Relief Summit. However, if we’ve missed anything, please reach out with your concerns; a member of our team will get back to you within two business days.

    I noticed an error on my registration. How do I edit my registration?

    Please please reach out with your concerns; a member of our team will get back to you within two business days.

    Is there parking at the summit?

    Day-of attendee self-parking is included with registration. The event parking is available from 7:00 AM up to 8:00 PM. TechBridge is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. Additional parking details will be available in your registration packet.

    How should I dress?

    As this is an experiential summit, we will be visiting local farms and food banks. We encourage attendees to dress casually for NHRS 2022. Comfortable shoes are a must. We also encourage each guest to limit the number of items they bring along.

    Will there be social distancing at the summit?

    With our attendee safety as the top priority, our team will continue to follow all local mandates. We have made accommodations for all guests to comfortably distance themselves during the program. All attendees are encouraged to wear masks and to socially distance themselves.

    Will I get an event certificate or accreditation for attending?

    No, we will not be offering CEUs as we aim to focus on cross-sector partnerships and diverse professional experiences.

    How do I apply for the Dream Big for Hunger Relief grant?

    You can learn more about and/or apply for the Dream Big for Hunger Relief Grant through the TechBridge website. The application period is from to 2022.

    When will I have access to the full event schedule?

    Our full event schedule will be available via the event landing page and social media the week of . All registered attendees will receive their full schedule via email as well.

    What is the refund policy?

    Event tickets are non-refundable.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    NHRS will go on rain or shine but may be rescheduled for a future date under extraordinary circumstances.

    I have additional questions about the event. Who should I contact?

    Please reach out with your questions via email; a member of our team will get back to you within two business days.

    Do you offer group and/or student discounts?

    We’ve worked with our vendors and sponsors to ensure that the ticket prices are as low as possible. There are no additional group or student discounted rates available.

    Are there transaction fees for the tickets?

    The ticket prices for the National Hunger Relief Summit are inclusive of transaction fees and taxes. You may optionally cover the transaction fees by make a donation at checkout.

    Is there a host hotel for the summit?

    There is not a host hotel or a room block for the summit. However, there are several hotels near the locations we will visit during the summit. Here are a few hotels near the summit headquarters: