Dreaming Big: Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village, a nonprofit based in Duluth, GA, transforms the lives of homeless families with children by providing a stable community and services that instill initiative, self-development and accountability for future generations. Walking onto the campus of Rainbow Village, the first thing you notice are the beautiful new housing, childcare, educational, and recreational facilities that provide a safe haven for vulnerable parents and their children.

As a recipient of the 2018 Dream Big Award, Rainbow Village’s Executive Director, Melanie Connor, wanted to shift the organization’s focus from what you see to what you don’t see – the data behind the scenes. Through working with TechBridge’s Performance Measurement team, Rainbow Village now has a comprehensive data strategy defining the critical metrics Rainbow Village staff members need to lead resident families forward on the path to self-sufficiency.

TechBridge also defined the business processes to implement a custom Salesforce client management system to enable Rainbow Village to report on these metrics in real time through the click of a button – resulting in annual savings valued at $18,900 per year through reducing staff member time required to manually enter, aggregate, and report on client metrics. As a result of TechBridge’s work, Rainbow Village has received additional grant funding from the Episcopal Charities Foundation to implement the new Salesforce solution with TechBridge in the coming year.

To learn more about our Dream Big Grant and see how your organization can get involved, visit: https://techbridge.org/dream-big-grant/ 

Sean Williams is a Nonprofit Operations Consultant at TechBridge, Inc.


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