How can your organization utilize technology to help TechBridge break the cycle of generational poverty?

What is a 'Dream Big' Technology Grant?

The TechBridge Tennessee Dream Big Grant is an exciting matching grant opportunity which encourages nonprofits to dream big about implementing a technology solution with the power to transform their operation in a way that increases their impact and ability to accomplish their mission. The Dream Big Grant significantly increases the capacity of nonprofits serving Tennessee, to positively impact the lives of vulnerable individuals, families, and children. 

This is one of the few grant opportunities focused on nonprofits getting and using software technologies (plus IT hours) to help fulfill their missions. Last year several transformational projects were awarded– and it all starts by completing the online grant application.  

Your Grant Application must impact one of TechBridge’s Four Pillars: Hunger Relief, Homeless Support, Social Justice, or Workforce Development.  

The application window will open online October 14, 2020 and close on November 11, 2020 at 4:00pm, CT.  


80/20 Matching Grant 

Dream Big Technology Grantees have some “skin in the game.” TechBridge provides 80% of the projects total funding. If the proposed project is $10,000, the nonprofit is expected to provide $2,000 from other funding sources and TechBridge contributes $8,000. 

If you have any questions about the Tennessee Dream Big Grant, please send a message to and the Dream Big Team will be in contact with you shortly.  

What is your nonprofit’s pain point? What would be “a dream” to change?

Some nonprofit organizations apply for the technology grant to create a way to take their strategic plans and goal setting out of Powerpoint slides and into how they work day to day. Brainstorming and ideation exercises are amazingly important but these endeavors often stop short of building a suitable framework. A technology grant allows you to track, measure and view your impact as well as meet the business-like reporting required.