Dream Big: TechBridge Impacts Nonprofit Missions By Funding Them Directly

The TechBridge Dream Big Grant Program is an exciting new matching grant opportunity focused on delivering technology transformations to nonprofits on the frontlines of poverty alleviation in their communities. It increases the capacity of nonprofits and provides them necessary resources to fulfill projects they are not otherwise able to include in their constrained budgets.

Why Dream Big? Nonprofits invest everything into accomplishing their missions but many do not have remaining resources for investing in technology improvement. Individuals, families, and children are positively impacted when the organizations in their communities are well-positioned to serve them.

Dream Big is offered annually in the states of Georgia, Alabama and Tennesse and each community has a unique timeline.

Currently applications are being accepted from Georgia nonprofits now through March 16, 2018. Submissions go through a review process before selections are made by judges. Grant awards in amounts between $10,000 and $30,000 will be awarded in June.

Those selected receive industry-leading service from TechBridge’s knowledgeable team of Program and Strategy Consultants to provide technical advice and work with an organization step-by-step to see a project to completion. From commencement to completion, the TechBridge team’s focus stays on increasing the nonprofit’s efficiency and effectiveness.

To learn more about how TechBridge is revolutionizing grant giving, measuring impact, and elevating nonprofits to perform at their highest capacity, click on https://techbridge.org/dream-big-grant/ or get in touch at awards@techbridge.org.

Todd Hermon is TechBridge’s VP of Development.


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