Digital Ball 2018 Recap

May 2, 2018




The Digital Ball offers Georgia an amazing evening that brings together leading technologists in the business community with charitable organizations who are finding practical applications for biz technologies to deliver their missions. The idea+technology…With the sponsorship of USTGlobal for real-time crowdfunding technology, attendees raised money to support the ideas generated by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and those charitable projects. The nonprofit organizations are asked to come up with 20% of the funding while TechBridge supporters pick up 80% of the tab for these projects.

Digital Ball Co-Hosts Miriam McLemore of Amazon’s AWS and Tom Miller, formerly of Anthem, Inc. (now with Sellr) recognized the Digital Event Series presenting sponsor, Accenture, a stalwart supporter of TechBridge since 2000. Accenture was joined in its support by tremendously important platinum sponsors: Anthem, Inc., CDW, The Coca-Cola Company plus IBM Cloud and IBM Security.

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Ideation and technology were themes. Many of the activites were supported by Gold Sponsors Cumberland Group, CyrusOne, Delta Air Lines, Infor, iVision, NTT Data, Palo Alto Networks and Sayres, RCG Global Services, Scott Wells, ServiceNow, SunTrust Bank and WestRock, as well as many essential silver-level and bronze level sponsors. Many representatives of these leading companies attended a special VIP reception, sponsored by North State Technical Solutions.

Mentalist Max Major engaged and entertained Digital Ball attendees with an astonishing mixture of mindreading and magic. Mr. Major involved Insight and Accenture in his performances to the delight of the audience.

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, in the company of his wife, former educator Sandra Deal (Dunagan), accepted the 2018 Community Leader Award from Accenture’s Jimmy Etheredge. Governor Deal was singled out by TechBridge and the Georgia technology community in recognition of the value he places on the technology sector and because he…Bill VanCuren of NCR Corporation became the inaugural recipient of the prestigious Ed Steinike CIO Award. CTO-CIO for General Electric and later Coca-Cola, Ed Steinike’s character and influence on Atlanta’s tech community were celebrated by presenter Rick Grande, Insight Southeast Director of Sales and later by the honoree Bill VanCuren. A reliable proponent of the …by mentalist Max Major who had seemingly predicted the exact dollar amount raised. Digital Ball attendees appreciated the opportunity to relax with Hunter Technical Resources who hosted an after-hours party.

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