COVID-19: A message from TechBridge’s New CEO


My name is Nicole Armstrong and I am TechBridge’s new CEO. My first 7 weeks have been amazing, and I am thrilled to be leading this prestigious organization. I thought my first message to customers would be a simple hello, but instead I want to share an update regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 and the actions we are taking:

  • TechBridge has instituted a work from home policy and we are asking our employees to limit all unnecessary travel. The health and safety of TechBridge employees, customers, partners and the communities that we serve are top of mind.
  • TechBridge will continue normal business operations, providing software development, technical support, project management and program delivery to our customers and partners. We will continue to work on all projects and assessments that are underway and will continue to welcome new opportunities to serve you. We remain deeply committed to supporting our customers, program participants, grantees, and communities.
  • We are postponing events and large meetings for the months of March and April as a precautionary measure:
    • Digital Dinner in AL – rescheduled to August 27th
    • Digital Dinner in TN – April 1st rescheduled to August 20th
    • Digital Ball in GA: 20th Anniversary Celebration – May 2nd rescheduled to September 24th
    • Nonprofit Technology Summit in GA – May 20th (Still scheduled)
  • For those events noted as “Still scheduled”, we will continue to evaluate as things unfold, keeping in mind that the safety of all is our main priority.
  • We will be delivering our Technology Career Program (TCP) virtually as of Monday, March 23rd.
  • Our TCP Teens program will be closed given that the school district is closed. We are also exploring remote delivery for our teen program.

To summarize, we are taking the necessary precautions to make sure that our customers and our employees are safe. Again, there will be no stoppage in work nor stoppage of support from TechBridge to its customers, partners, program participants, grantees or to the communities we serve. We will continue to update the TechBridge community with any changes that may occur.

Finally, the work we do as nonprofits is even more important during times like these. The people that will suffer the most are those that have the least. Let’s lift up our families, our communities and our nation in prayer.


Nicole Armstrong
CEO, TechBridge