Creating a Bridge to Long Term Career Success

Collective Action is a method to change our community so that every connected nonprofit is a building block in a person’s unique path out of poverty. By leveraging technology and data, TechBridge can ensure that community members have access to the right help and resources at the right time.

Collaboratives are a key part of Collective Action. By bringing together cross sector organizations focused on solving common community problems and improving community indicators, TechBridge helps drive and support coordination within the collaborative for efficiency of effort, positive outcomes and lasting community change.


The NYC Food Collaborative is funded by the Helmsley Trust and championed by United Way of NYC and engaging collaboration with NY State government, NYC government and the largest distributors of donated food in NYC. 1.37 million New Yorkers were food insecure during 2014, according to USDA statistics.

TechBridge created a data-sharing system and community portal allowing all participating nonprofit and governmental organizations to see food pantry allocations, actual food supply, and neighborhood-level service statistics for the 900 food pantries across the five boroughs of New York City.


  • 10 million pounds of new food will be distributed…
  • to more than 40 local food programs
  • in 11 underserved neighborhoods annually

Collective Action Powers Collaborative Outcomes

  • Homeless Continuum of Care
  • Health Improvement Collaboratives
  • Workforce Development
  • Cradle to Career Initiatives
  • Strive Together and other Educational Collaboratives
  • Place Based Initiatives
  • Food Security


Focus on basic survival needs
of food, shelter and health


Insulation from crisis through
livable wages and support services


A career pathway to
promotions and savings

Data, Insight and Resources drive our vision for connecting nonprofits to alleviate poverty. Learn more by reading our Collective Action white paper.

Leveraging Data and Technology to Remove Hurdles to Success

Collective Action brings together workforce development collaboratives to use data and technology to connect job seekers with skills based job training programs to move from survival to stability. A connected, data-driven ecosystem provides a bridge to long-term stability via career track progression from entry-level to mid-level positions and beyond.

Technology allows these collaboratives to share information, allocate resources based on service demand and track community impact. Three key strategies for successful workforce development programs include:

Skills based job training programs that meet industry demand

Scaling effective programs through community colleges, technical colleges and nonprofits

Establishing career pathways to move from entry level to middle skill jobs


When nonprofits operate effectively and sustainably, they can collaborate with others working on the same cause in the same communities. We facilitate collaborative, community-based partnerships by delivering scalable platforms for collecting and sharing data. Our focus on data and measurable results helps nonprofits and their partners better allocate resources and innovate approaches that enhance their collective ability to create lasting change.

By the Numbers

Atlanta Police Foundation led collaborative decreased neighborhood crime by 50%. TechBridge Career Program with Goodwill of North Georgia increased salaries by 91% NYC Food Collaborative lead by UW of NYC used data to increase food by 10 million pounds



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