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TechBridge is a nonprofit focused on leveraging its business and technology expertise to drive community impact within individual nonprofits and communities. We provide the technology tools and resources, including consulting, they need to advance their missions more effectively and sustainable.

Most IT commitments to consultants involve hiring them for a specific project or need. For companies whose technology needs are less specific or occasional in nature, TechBridge offers a CIO-On-Demand service.


A trusted advisor

Strategic IT roadmap

Implementing hardware and software

Improving systems and processes

Moving applications to the cloud

YOU GET THE EXPERTISE – when you need it, as much or as little as you need!

  • TechBridge’s CIO-On-Demand helps mid-sized and large nonprofits achieve greater success using technology to drive improved efficiency (cost savings) and effectiveness to achieve their business goals.
  • The key organizational benefit of retaining a CIO-On-Demand is that they provide the same expertise and capability of a full-time CIO without the salary, benefits and expenses associated with adding a top level executive.

With deep business nonprofit technology experience,
TechBridge’ s CIO-On-Demand will be your trusted partner in getting the IT job done.


TechBridge’s CIO-On-Demand staff experience

Multi-faceted senior technology executive professionals

CIO-On-Demand consultants have 15-20 years of experience

Experience with multi-billion dollar corporations

A significant number of nonprofits are evaluating new technologies or increasing the role of technology in their operation. A lot of nonprofits’ annual report states that they expect to double in size in the next 5-6 years. Many organizations think that the acquisition of a new application will resolve many of the organizations operational issues when in fact, could cause more.


TechBridge offers the implementation to align technology to the nonprofits goals and objectives while also helping to prepare for the future.


Some additional typical responsibilities of the CIO-On-Demand are:

Organizational Leadership IT Employee Coaching Industry Best Practices
IT and Business Strategies Alignment IT Employee Evaluation IT Security and Compliance Management
IT and Business Risk Management Business Processes Design and Optimization Contract Review and Negotiate
IT Governance and IT Security Resource Management IT Technology Standards Definition
Board Advisor Service Provider Partnerships Management Key Performance Metrics Definition
Return on Investment Evaluation and Budgeting Performance Status Reports Utilization of Cloud Technology
IT Strategic Planning IT Organization IT Platform Standardization
IT Roadmap Proactive IT Security Actions Business Intelligence


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