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National Social Justice Summit – Meet Our Emcee

Interview with Samantha Sanchez TechBridge is excited to host our inaugural National Social Justice Summit on November 4th, 2021. We invite social justice advocates, Corporate Social Responsibility staff, and pro bono stakeholders to this one-day event to collaborate on their organizations’ social justice efforts through a lens of how technology and data can empower their work. We are thrilled to introduce Samantha…

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TechBridge announces plans to reach more local nonprofits across the US

TechBridge is a nonprofit with a mission of eliminating generational poverty through the innovative use...
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TechBridge Celebrates World Day of Social Justice by Announcing our Social Justice Guiding Principals

[Atlanta, Georgia, February 20, 2021] – Today, Saturday, February 20, 2021, we celebrate the 2021...
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JusticeServer’s Michigan Prototype a reflection of Legal Services Delivery in 2021

[Atlanta, Georgia, February 10, 2021] – In December 2020, TechBridge and the Michigan Advocacy Project...
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Technology Career Program receives early access to Microsoft Learn for Educators through involvement with Microsoft Accelerate

[Atlanta, Georgia, December 16, 2020] – TechBridge’s Technology Career Program – a free, part-time, 16-week technology...