TechBridge and Sponsors Ready for First Nail on 12th Technology Community Habitat House

April 12, 2016

TechBridge, a nonprofit that drives community impact by bringing affordable business and technology expertise to other nonprofits, is pleased to announce the construction of its 12th Technology Community Habitat House in partnership with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. Seventeen corporate …


Scaling Your Limited Nonprofit Resources

March 18, 2016

Atlanta Mission’s Darryl Russ (Director-Program Design) said it best when he said that “we were in no data, no systems, no nothing mode. [But] now we can dream.” That’s how it feels as we nonprofits are working crazy …


TechBridge Celebrates and Supports Alabama Nonprofits

March 15, 2016

Alabama Nonprofits Increase Community Impact through Technology TechBridge welcomed 185 guests to the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham, Alabama on March 3, 2016 for the TechBridge Digital Dinner, a celebration of technology’s role in empowering nonprofits. TechBridge, a nonprofit …


National Nonprofit Deepens Efforts in Tennessee

February 6, 2016

We are a nonprofit that uses technology-based systems to create more efficient processes for other nonprofits. Across the country, most nonprofits don’t have budgets that allocate funds for proper technology or infrastructure to help streamline operations. We are a …


SIM Atlanta and GeorgiaCIO Raise $107,000 for Nonprofit, TechBridge

January 5, 2016

Left to right: Frank Bell, Founder, GeorgiaCIO; Lisa LaRoque, Executive Director, GeorgiaCIO; John Dunbar, Treasurer, SIM Atlanta & CIO, Atlantic American Corporation; Harper Bronson, Chairman, SIM Atlanta & Director, Strategy & Programs, First Data; James Franklin, CEO, TechBridge; Miriam McLemore, CIO, Enterprise and Consumer Technology, …