Patti Dismukes Wins TechBridge’s
2019 Ann Cramer Volunteer Award

Known for involvement in WIT, Year Up and TechBridge, Patti Dismukes has been recognized for her exemplary volunteerism in the tech community with the TechBridge 2019 Ann Cramer Volunteer Award. This year Patti started a new scholarship offered through Women in Technology and was present at WIT Connect to meet its first recipient Rahela Anghel. Earlier this year Patti received the 2019 TAG Sales Leadership Community Leader Award.

Daniel Joiner McPherson, General Manager in the Global Reservations Technology, Delta Air Lines and President of the Board of Directors for Women in Technology has volunteered side by side at WIT with Patti for several years. “Patti Dismukes…she’s a great confidante, she’s a great strong challenger, and she helps us to be better…”

"Ed (Steinike) gave me some good advice, I've always taken coaching and mentoring as one of the most important things I can do."
Patti Dismukes

TechBridge CIO-on-Demand Anne DeBeer was thrilled to learn that Patti is being recognized for giving back and bringing people together with the Ann Cramer Volunteer Award. “Patti Dismukes understands the richness one discovers through volunteering and is inspiring many others to do the same. She is a remarkable person who is leaving a legacy of supporting women and the Atlanta IT community.”  Anne DeBeer is and the former SVP & CIO/CFO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and has volunteered her CIO skillset to the Atlanta History Center, Voices for Georgia’s Children, Invest Atlanta, and very soon to Georgia CASA.


Professionally Patti’s career in IT began working with MicroBilt, later working with Spherion, MDI Group, Anteo Group, CIO Partners, and BioIQ – Then, joining HUNTER Technical in August 2016. HUNTER Technical Founder, Managing Partner and VP, Sales Clint Bailey knew about Patti’s impact before he ever met her, so he arranged to meet for coffee four years ago, and they connected. On her approach to giving back, especially through coaching and mentoring Clint says, “Patti is someone who puts a lot of her talent and a lot of hard work into helping others.”

Ann Cramer (center) with 2018 Winner Mark Farbman and 2019 Winner Patti Dimukes

Lessons From My Mother’s
Purse WIT Scholarship


This year Patti Dismukes started the WIT Scholarship called, Lessons From My Mother’s Purse. Patti recently reached a milestone birthday and decided to do something of purpose to celebrate; she found a creative way to honor and celebrate her mother.

A recollection, a discovery and some reflection led to giving back through a technology scholarship.

Patti’s mother didn’t have the gift of years. She died suddenly and tragically at the age of 32 in 1966, leaving behind her husband and three daughters under the age of 11. Patti suggested that when someone loses a parent at a very young age, the child doesn’t really know that parent as an individual, know her personality or how others perceived her. Patti realized she had gone through her life, trying to make sure this untimely death didn’t define her, “Only to realize, it totally defined me.”

Patti re-met her mother by opening a kind of time capsule. After remembering decades later that she had been given her mother’s purse by her grandmother, Patti realized she’d kept the purse for five decades but never opened it. Perhaps a little “sister-shamed” into seeing what was inside, Patti decided to open her mother’s purse. Doing so offered a blessing and a lesson.

“It’s a small thing, but for me it’s a priceless thing.”

Everything was perfectly organized: earrings, necklace, powder, lipstick and a checkbook with beautifully handwritten entries balancing the expenses of a two-income household with three kids living in a recently-purchased a house. Perhaps, the most telling artifacts were three miniature, wallet-sized diplomas Patti’s mother had earned from attending  night school in Nashville. Those certifications provided proof of her competencies and signaled possible advancement in her career in bookkeeping.

Patti’s mother had been working for a sharp, insightful manager named Hazel Eller who saw potential in her young charge and encouraged her to improve her skills in bookkeeping, invoicing, accounts receivable and other aspects of financial operations. Hence, three mini-diplomas tucked in her wallet.

“It struck me” Patti shared, “That back in the 1960s, there was a slightly more senior woman who looked behind her and thought, ‘Here’s an up-and-coming young woman with a family of five that I am able to help coach and remove some hurdles.’” Hazel prompted the company to make a little investment in Patti’s mother’s future through education to the mutual benefit of the company and the employee. Hazel ended up being the CFO of that company.

“That made me realize my mother could have been anything.”

Patti Dismukes and HUNTER Technical set up the ongoing $5,000 scholarship this year to help this story of women helping women to carry on.