This ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta provides education, opportunity, assistance and advocacy in central Atlanta. A Performance Measurement Assessment will allow them to expand social support services to more neighbors in Peoplestown.


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Imagine using manual processes and multiple spreadsheets to collect and manage data, then being asked to pull together a comprehensive report detailing your results…

Nonprofits are on the front-lines solving our community’s most challenging problems focused on making a difference in our communities. When asked to quantify the difference they make or to measure their success, it can be challenging to tell their stories in a quantified way leveraging data that “proves their impact.”


Performance Measurement enables nonprofits to show quantifiable outcomes as a measurement of their success.

Performance Measurement includes:
1. Performance Measurement Assessment including ratings in eight categories:

  • Theory of Change
  • Logic Models
  • Outcome Measures
  • Client Data Collection Processes
  • Client Data Tracking Platform
  • Program Scorecards
  • Quarterly Agency Dashboard
  • Use of Data in Social Media, Website, Annual Report

2. Performance Measurement Roadmap, which provides project priorities, timelines and high level budgets for 2-3 years.
3. Determine the agency’s key performance indicators with Program Logic Models, which contain the inputs, activities, outputs, outcome measures and impacts measured by the nonprofit.
4. Benchmarking Templates
5. Monthly Program Scorecard, enabling the nonprofit to track their performance on a monthly basis.
6. Annual Impact Reports: Communicate client, agency, and community impact.

* Engagement with agency will be priced at $4,500 but costs associated with each deliverable will be tailored to the needs of each specific agency.


Mission Focus: Emmaus House, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, provides education, opportunity, assistance and advocacy in partnership with our neighbors in Peoplestown.