Achieving Bold Transformations at the 19th Annual Digital Ball

May 3, 2019



The 2019 TechBridge Digital Ball celebrated Achieving Bold Transformation in Atlanta by bringing together community leaders from the nonprofit, corporate and foundation sectors. The night began with the opening receptions providing a time for networking and reconnecting followed by the awards’ ceremony recognizing the Community Leader Award and CIO Award. Guests were entertained with Digital Illusionists and the night ended with the after-show dance party.

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Co-hosted by Ed Smith, CTO at Anthem, Inc., and Edwina Payne, SVP & CIO at Avanos , the Digital Ball showcased power of technology and nonprofits working together to transform communities.

TechBridge is thankful for the Digital Ball’s presenting sponsor, Accenture, for its continued support of TechBridge since 2000. who both recognized the evening’s presenting sponsor, Accenture. As the presenting sponsor for not only the Digital Ball but also the 2019 Digital Cocktail, Accenture has been a strong supporter of TechBridge since 2000. Accenture was joined in its support by our important Platinum Sponsors including Anthem, CDW, Coca-Cola, Cumberland Group, and Equifax, as well as many vital, Silver and Bronze Sponsors.


Honoring Community Leader Award and CIO Award

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The evening highlighted two honorees who showcase the impact of technology companies and nonprofits partnering together to enhance the impact of nonprofits in Atlanta and unleashing a new era of creativity to meet the challenges nonprofits tackle during the program. Carol Tomé, SVP & CFO at Home Depot, accepted the Community Leader Award. Carol’s leadership, knowledge, and interest in data-driven decisions has made her an amazing executive in the business community with Home Depot’s community of 400,000 employees. Carol’s enthusiasm in serving the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, Georgia Tech, the Grady Health and many other organizations has made her an inspiring leader and deserving recipient of the Community Leader Award. A video highlighting Carol was played during the program, and is viewable here >>

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Bryson Koehler, CTO at Equifax, accepted the Ed Steinike CIO Award, an award that seeks to recognize IT leaders who exhibit exceptional qualities and abilities in leadership and commitment to philanthropy. Bryson believes technologies have great potential to transform nonprofit organizations. He currently serves Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, the GeorgiaCIO Leadership Association, Technology Association of Georgia and TechBridge and has served Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; Women in Technology (WIT); YMCA; Red Cross Disaster Relief: Duke Cancer Research Hospital. CTO-CIO for General Electric and later Coca-Cola, Ed Steinike’s impact in Atlanta’s tech community was celebrated by [presenter], followed by a  video that was played in tribute to Bryson, which is viewable here >>

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A Special Thank You

The night included a special thank you to past CEO James Franklin for his role in engaging technology leaders in creating bold transformation in Atlanta.

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Highlighting Technology Career Program Success

Our 2019 Digital Ball featured the success of our Technology Career Program. The TechBridge Technology Career Program in partnership with Goodwill of North Georgia is a free, part time 16-week technology and business education program designed to prepare unemployed or underemployed young adults for a career in the growing technology job market. Board Chair Vish Narendra spotlighted the successes of the program and welcomed Lyric McGhee, graduate of the program and Salesforce Administrator at NCR to the stage. Lyric thanked TechBridge for taking a chance on her! To hear from her first handhand click here >>

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Energized Entertainment

Entertainment included emcee and auctioneer TiWanna A. Kenney, BAS, owner, lead auctioneer, and driving force behind Astounding Actions and Fundraising Strategies. The Digital Illusionists engaged the audience as they combined digital technology and sleight of hand to create unforgettable magic. After the program, attendees made their way to several after parties that further energized the networking between executives.

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TechBridge is thankful for the sponsors, Executive Ambassadors, volunteers, and attendees for their support in Achieving Bold Transformations in our community through the use of technology.

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