A Quarter-Million Meals Later, Going Back For More “Technology Cares/Technology Shares” Group Preps for Food Bank’s State-of-the-Art Digs

Nonprofit Spotlight: Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) was the first recipient of a TechBridge nonprofit technology grant in 2002; then, the Accenture-sponsored Technology Innovation Award. However, dollars have not been the only donations. Food banks often rely on a volunteer workforce and on an almost daily basis. On September 13th, 2017 more than 50 technology friends first gathered at the ACFB to sort, pack and box donated food needed to create meals for hungry Georgians. Technology Cares/Technology Shares was born that day and has continued to meet month after month for more than two years. Technology leaders have regularly volunteered to work side-by-side to get unmarketable food from the food bank to people in need. Kyle Waide, President & CEO of ACFB and tech volunteer organizer Ricky Steele calculate that to date this initiative has shipped 342,364 pounds of food (and other donated non-food items) which produced 242,868 individual meals. TechBridge is proud to be connected with Technology Cares/Technology Shares and honors it as a prime example of the unique connections within the Atlanta technology community and its capacity for doing good.

After January 2020, the Atlanta Community Food Bank cuts the ribbon on its new 344,000-square-foot facility located in East Point near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Technology Cares/Technology Shares returns to its typical schedule, gathering together the first Wednesday of each month beginning March 4. The event is designed specifically for technologists to directly connect to the mission of the Food Bank.


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