Supporter Spotlight: Doug Reeder, Office of the CTO At NTT Data Services

May 19, 2017


Our sponsors are integral to TechBridge’s success. Quite simply, we couldn’t do it without them. Today we’re highlighting one of our Digital Ball Terabyte-level sponsors, NTT DATA Services. We interviewed Doug Reeder, Sr. Director, Office of the CTO, to find out why supporting nonprofits is important to him personally and to his company.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a proud Texan. Both sets of grandparents made their way to the Dallas area in the 1950s and my parents met in high school. I grew up in the area and have raised my children there, too.

What was your first experience with giving back, volunteering or working with a nonprofit?
Volunteer service has always been a part of my family life. Even as a child I was involved with various community projects. As a young adult, I spent some time in South America helping the people of Ecuador improve their living conditions. You haven’t lived until you experience life without running water for a couple of months! As an adult, I have assisted several organizations. I’ve been Unit Commissioner in The Boy Scouts of America, Tri-Chair Leader of the Innovation Team for TechTitans, and currently serve on the Board of Directors for InterLink.

Is there a cause that is near and dear to your heart?
I’m very interested in preparing students for the workplace of the future. The nature of work is changing, and the educational systems need to change their approach to properly prepare the next generation for the workforce. This is why I’m currently on the Board of Directors for InterLink, a nonprofit alliance bridging the gap between business, education and government to develop a quality workforce by providing information concerning future occupation demand, and the education, skill and training needs of employers and employees.

What do you most enjoy about being a part of the TechBridge Sponsor Community?
Innovation spans beyond coming up with the latest technology solution for paying customers. It is about improving the community we live in and enabling people to advance. In the instance of TechBridge it is about giving programs the chance to help the underserved. Even the most basic technology update, like moving from paper filing systems to an automated process, can have the biggest impact in care and comfort.

I also enjoy attending the events to meet like-minded people. Our partners and clients directly impact what we do on a day to day basis to improve quality of life for all, so when like-minded participants can gather and continue to invest in the community it is really gratifying.

Why do you think it is important for other corporate executives to get involved?
Corporations have a ‘louder’ platform to impact the community while simultaneously investing in their positive corporate culture. Awareness about the world outside of our comfort zone provides an educational opportunity for that individual. That leads to diverse thinking and approaches for contributing to the elevation of our community, which benefits everyone.

We want to thank Doug and the entire team at NTT DATA Services for their generous support of TechBridge and for championing our cause.

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